A TASTE OF BRIDGE - Introductory Lessons at 50% off!

Halifax Bridge World and Chebucto Links is pleased to present Introductory Bridge lessons for only $20! This 4 week course will start on Thursday, February 8th from 1-3pm.

The catch? You must be 55+ in order to qualify for the discount. If you are younger, you are welcome to join in the fun for only $40.

Available to the first 40 registrants. Fill out the form to the right and we will add your name to our Student List. 

No one has more fun than bridge players!




Intermediate 4 Week Workshop starting in September

Marg Jollimore will be offering a set of 4 workshops.

  • Sept 11th from 1-3 pm. Takeout Doubles and Advances.
  • Sept 18th, Responder's Action After a Takeout Double
  • Sept 25th, Overcalls and Advances
  • October 2nd, Responder's Action after An Overcall

Cost is $40.

Summer School 2017

Six for $60 starting on Monday, June 26th from 1 - 3 pm. Join in the fun. Drop ins welcome.

We will cover:

  • Opening 1 No Trump and Responses
  • Big Hands 22+ and Responses
  • Getting to Slams - Blackwood and Gerber
  • Weak Two Bids and Responses
  • Bidding by Opener with a 17+ hand, Jump Raises, Jump Shifts and Reverses
  • Responder's Role
  • Call 902-454-4098 to register or contact us via email. 


Halifax Bridge World will offer Beginner Bridge lessons starting on Saturday, April 29th from 10 - 11:30 am. We have a first class reputation for teaching this amazing game. We make sure your experience is a pleasant experience; always served with free tea and coffee and sharp pencils!

Cost is $100 for an 8 week course. The text is available for $25.

Call 902-454-4098 or email to register for any of our classes. 

Defense Course

ACBL 8 week Defense Course starting on Monday, April 24th from   2 - 4 pm. Cost is $100 and the text is available for $25. All players are welcome to attend. If you can play, this will definitely improve your game.

Call 902-454-4098 or email to register for any of our classes. 




March 18th at 10 am - Graduation Party for our newest students! Join us for a morning of just playing and having fun. Free for students. 

March 25th - 4 Week Play Course for up and coming bridge players. Perfect for those just finishing the Bidding course and players new to the club. Week #1 you will practise your bidding and playing skills with carefully designed practise hands. Week #2 will be the Stayman Convention, Week #3 will be Transfers over No Trump and Week #4 will be 8 pre-set No Trump hands to practise your new skills. $40 per student including materials. 10 - 11:45 am

April 1st - Workshop on the Stayman Convention. Everyone is welcome to drop in for the morning. $15 includes materials. Suitable for beginners to intermediates.  10 - 11:45 am

April 8th - Workshop on Transfers over No Trump. Everyone is welcome to srop in for the morning. $15 includes materials. Suitable for beginners to intermediates. 10 - 11:45 am

April 22nd - New course on Declarer Play - This 8 week course* is designed to focus on Declarer. Now that you have landed in 4 spades we will show you tips on how to manage the trump suit, how to create tricks, how to get rid of losers and many more helpful strategies. Cost is $100

* subject to enrollment 


6 for $60 Workshop - The 5 Lines of Defense

Each week, Linda and Sheila will present one of the five lines of defense and we will master that concept before moving on. You will play hands, discuss strategies, review leads and bidding and then consider your best line of defense - very interactive. 

Nov 1, Week #1 - Remain Passive

Nov 8, Week #2 - Go Active

Nov 15, Week #3 - Cut Down Ruffing Power

Nov 22, Week #4 - Creating Trump Tricks

Nov 29,Week #5 - The Force

Dec 6, Week #6 - Play Day, using all five lines of defense. 

You may drop in any time. $15 per session or purchase all 6 for $60. 


Please join us any and every Thursday morning at 9:30 am for Supervised Play. An opportunity to practise your bridge game in a social and relaxed setting. HBW will have friendly and knowledgeable players on hand to help answer any of your questions. Great opportunity to meet future partners!


Starting the week of September 25th Canadian Champion Allan Graves will join ABTA Master Teacher Linda Tuff in presenting a newly updated Beginner Bridge Course!

Everyone can learn to play the World's most popular game - BRIDGE!  Allan will take you through the basics of the game and upon completion of the lessons you will be able to join in any social bridge setting. Think of all the fun to come!

Monday or Sunday afternoons. All classes subject to enrollment. 


Allan Graves, Canadian Champion/Expert Teacher several times over, will be Halifax Bridge World's visiting teacher for the Fall of 2016. Along with introducing new players to our favourite game, Allan will be giving workshops for our Intermediate and Advancing students.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please let us know and Allan will taylor make a workshop. 


Please join us on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 am starting on August 9th. Guest lecturer Marg Jollimore will present "The Many Faces of No Trump". These sessions are perfect for the up and coming bridge player.  $10 includes materials. 

This Lecture Series will run for the next 6 weeks.  Stay tuned for subject material. 


This course starts April 11th and your teachers, Trish and Sheila will guide you through all the time honoured tips to improve your Declarer Play. 

This course runs for 8 weeks and if you missed the start, please feel to drop in for a special price of $15. 


The Art of Defense starts on Tuesday morning, April 19th at 9:30 am. ABTA Master Teacher Linda Tuff will introduce you to concepts that will change your game. 8 weeks to better defense. If you missed the start, please feel free to drop in for only $15 a class.

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