Bermuda Regional January 2021

Fingers crossed we will be attending our 10t2 Tournament at the fabulous Bermuda Regional at the Princess Southampton. For the Canadians, the weather is always fabulous. Dates are January 22th to 29th, 2021

This event is perfect for Beginners to Experts. You are welcome to join in the fun! We have players looking for partners, and players looking for roommates who already have partners.

Interested? Call Trudy at CAA 902-468-3045 or Linda at HBW 902-454-4098.

Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo on Thursday night at 7 pm is proving popular with the group. Every player is given a free ticket and just before last round, the Director will draw the winning number. If it is your ticket, you get to draw from our special deck of cards. If you find Waldo (the joker) you win the pot!  

How does it work?

All players are handed a numbered ticket at the beginning of the game. Before the last round commences, the Director will draw a winning ticket number. That lucky player will have the opportunity to draw a card from our 53 card deck! The goal is to try to pick the Joker: WALDO.

The pot will start out at $100 and we will add $5 for every table in play each Thursday night. Whoever draws WALDO will win the pot!

The pot will increase very quickly if we add a table or two to our evening game. Hats off to Roy, our director, who came up with this catchy idea!

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